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Mr. Nobody

If you remember the poem Mr. Nobody, you will recall the funny little man who was apparently responsible for so much that went wrong and even though given the credit for it, he remained so nameless and faceless such that life could go on in spite of him.

Have you ever walked into a place only to be treated like Mr. Nobody? That probably was not a good place to have been, however, that is the reaction most people give to someone who is a complete stranger to them.

People naturally shut out what they are not used to and would ignore it rather than make an effort to interact with it if it holds no interest to them. Unfortunately, most would do this to other humans too.

No one should ever feel or be made to feel like a nobody. There is a solution to this though. You cant be responsible for how other people treat you, but you are responsible for how you show up.

You have value, everyone does, and you contribute something to life that no one else can – that is yourself. Carry yourself with that awareness and let it be that you showed up and were seen and noticed.

Don’t ever leave people with an impression that you are nobody, rather let them think that you are somebody even if they are not interested in who you are.