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Do you recognise it?

Have you ever noticed that if a particular type of shirt gets drawn to your attention like the florescent yellow silk one that your friend recently purchased, you suddenly begin to notice a lot of florescent yellow shirts where previously you didn’t think they existed.

This is due to a part of the brain known as the Reticular Activating System (RAS) helping you to recognise this new detail whenever you see it.
Apparently our brain is bombarded with billions of bits of information at any moment in time and in order for the mind not to blow up, the RAS filters and only allows what you have come to recognise to be in your consciousness. This is why everyone has a bias that is based on their upbringing or training.

A research was conducted to understand why entrepreneurs were great at spotting opportunities others did not see. It was found that they were good at taking time to visualise and talk about the type of opportunity they were looking for, this made their RAS to filter and help them to recognise those opportunities everywhere, just like you would see the yellow shirts when it was called to your attention.

So, what do you recognise on a daily basis? is it problems, fear, failure, difficulties or negativity? You can change it by spending time with what you do want to see instead. Educate your mind on possibilities, and then spend time visualising it. If you do this regularly, what you begin to recognise will change and before long you will begin to spot opportunities where others don’t see them.