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Someone has to pay

When it comes to getting stuff for free, you have two categories of responses from people. Most of us love it and would jump at a free meal any day, but some would question it wondering what the catch is.

There is really no such thing as a free meal for the simple reason that someone had to buy the ingredients and spend the time making it. The process of delivering a ready meal has a price attached to it. Even though the recipient is getting the end product for free, it has cost the donor something.

There is nothing wrong with receiving anything for free, but we should never forget that someone had to pay for it. So, learning to appreciate the sacrifice that has been made to get that free gift to you, helps you to place value on the gift, and what we value, we use in an optimal way.

We must banish that ‘free’ mentality, understand sacrifice, and be willing to pay for stuff when we are in a position to do so. Acknowledging that free cost somebody something is a healthy attitude to have towards life, and it makes us great and valuing whatever we receive.