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Preemptive problem solving

Problem solving is defined as the process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues.
The second part of that definition sounds a little bit like the world we live in and how we navigate it. Yes, life could be described as difficult and complex sometimes.

We however are prone to trying to oversimplify the issues of life. For instance, it is mind boggling to realise that only 1% of the worlds population owns about half of the wealth in the world. Some try to boil it down to a few factors that make them that wealthy like, “they work hard”, implying others are lazy, or “they are intelligent”, implying others are ignorant, or “they live in a fair society” etc.

The reality is that complex problems cannot be defined as being simple, or they will never get solved. This is where people surrender the issues to fate and their Moto becomes “It is so because it was meant to be”.

Problem solving is a key ability to help us grasp the complexity of issues and begin to come up with plans to break it down and address it. Like they say you can eat an elephant one bite at a time. A good problem solver is able to take the mystery out of issues and develop easy to follow steps to deal with that issue.
Problem solving has been on the list of top 10 skills required by employers for that last few years.

The preemptive problem solver, is one who is ahead of the curve of what life can throw their way by always developing their problem solving skills and associating with people of like mind.

Find out how to be a better problem solver because it will help you in all aspects of life.