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40 Things I Learnt By 40
The gnawing question, “Where will I be when I get to this age?” is sometimes lurking away in a part of our minds that we have not properly engaged or otherwise have not been brave enough to face. As we try to come to terms with the passage of time by matching it against our best achievements, we somehow want to ascertain that the sum total of our journey so far has yielded worthwhile results.
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A Modern Guide: How I Read The Bible In 60 Days
Ever wanted to read the bible cover-to-cover in a simple and effective way but failed time and time again? You’re in good company. This is an all-too familiar tale for many, which is why this bible-reading guide by Olaolu Faj Opebiyi could not have come at a better time. Drawing from personal experience spanning 17 years, the author presents a practical step-by-step guide on how to set up a reading plan and, even more importantly, follow it through.
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The ReadApp is a user-friendly application designed to allow users to set a plan to read through any large book by breaking it down into daily portions of text which could either be read or listened to. The concept was born out of the creator’s desire to read the Bible from cover to cover. With the book being over 774,000 words it seemed like a herculean task, but using a unique plan, it allowed the whole text to be completely read in just 60 days. The ReadApp brings a reading plan to life and helps you follow it through.

Our Training & Consultancy outfits

Olaolu has worked in the field of Information Technology for over 18 years. He has partnered with top Trainers and Business/IT Consultants to provide world class training and consultancy services.

Shields Training

The Shields Training Company is a dynamic, contemporary and energetic outfit providing training in; 

  • Practical Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Software Testing
  • Booster Courses – Agile Methodologies, Business Architecture, Project Management in Energy and Utility Sector, SQL fundamentals, Excel for Business Analysts etc. 

Training is provided by professionals with a wealth of experience in Consulting, Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Architecture and Testing, who have worked and coached across a broad range of industry sectors. 

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QUM Technologies

Qum Technologies is a consultancy company set up in 2015 to offer business analysis services to organisation of all sizes. We help you to identify anything that impedes the day-to-day running of your business which can be considered a pain point. We understand that even the smallest looking problems can become serious over time, damaging your productivity and affecting your bottom line, and thus we work with you to eliminate them.

Our consultants will review the way your company works from end to end. They will interview your key stakeholders to learn about the challenges you face now and are likely to face in the future.

We will identify your business pain points and their root causes, developing sustainable solutions that will support your business and promote future growth.

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