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Influence for change

My parents were very proactive in figuring out the type of friends we kept. There were certain friends that they did not want us to hang out with for reasons that sometime we didn’t understand. They always spoke of the ‘bad influence’ that friendship was having on us.

We must understand the nature of influence though. It is something that grows on you when you hang around a person or system that you come to believe to be true. If we don’t trust someone or something, we are not likely to be influenced by them.

Influence is more potent than instructions or commands, this is why a child could be instructed by their parents, and yet do exactly opposite to that instruction when they are around certain friends. If we want to keep the people around us doing what we want or the right thing, then we must work on increasing our influence with them.

Influencers don’t only tell, they are able to also show their conviction and commitment to what they want you to follow. They practice the principle of “Be the change you want to see.” If we are going to change any person, family, institution or country in anyway, we must go beyond the telling of the change and increase influence with those around us by being the change we want to see.