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No small win

Sometimes, people will try to put you down in a subtle manner when you win. They will make statements that paint your win as a small thing and not a big deal worth noting let alone celebrating.

Winning is important because it creates the drive to do more, it helps us to believe more in our ability to bring our ideas or methods of doing things to reality. We are all unique and express ourselves in very unique ways. Another persons win will never produce in you your full potential. It has to be your win, no matter how small, that will unlock the door to your next level. Each win is like a step taking you higher.

Go for your wins, celebrate them and be thankful for what they are. Let them propel you to the next thing you have to face.

Remember we will face ups and the downs in life, and there is nothing like a small win, to pick you up and get you going again like the champion you are, after you have faced a big failure.