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Keeping it steady

A steady state is vital to the normal operation of any being or system. If you are used to the function of a thermostat, you understand how it works to keep temperatures at a steady state. When it is unbearably hot outside, the thermostat ensures that the air conditioning system keeps it cool in the building, and when it is freezing cold outside, the thermostat ensures it is nice and warm in the building.

Surprisingly, most living organisms, including humans, reveal an intricately and intelligently formed collection of cells, and they display what is called ‘Homeostasis’. This is the ability to maintain a relatively stable internal state that persists despite changes in the world outside. In other words, we all have an internal thermostat.

Scientists have discovered that this unique ability of the body to maintain stability is what makes us to achieve astounding things. If you look through the Guinness book of world records, you will find near super human feats that people have accomplished. So how exactly do these things become possible?

The simple answer is the ability to adapt to new conditions making them normal. Homeostasis not only maintains a steady state, but it will allow the body to adapt to new conditions that are persistent. For instance, if you lift 10 kg weights everyday, you body will adjust to make that normal, if you increase it to 30 kg, your body will adjust and so on. The strongest man in the room is the one who has exposed himself to conditions that make it normal for him to deal with heavy weights.

This is why consistent training is so important, because we expose our body or mind to new conditions that are outside our comfort zone, and then they respond to allow us to operate on that new level.

Set a target for yourself physically or mentally and then get into consistent training either by yourself or with others, and allow the wonderful nature that exists in your body to set the new limits on your body and mind.