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Situational integrity

I heard a quote today that rocked me to my core and has left me thinking deeply about how I respond in various situations and settings.
“Integrity that is situational is not integrity but expediency.” – Dr. Dennis Waitley.

We never know if we are operating in integrity until the situations we are used to operating in change, and all the odds that are usually in our favour stack up against us. The one with an entitled mentality might not accept the change and do everything within their power and employ means that are less than noble to restore what they feel is theirs.

I remember years ago, I was sold some batteries which were faulty, I promptly returned to the store for an exchange or to get my money back, and the store owner said they had a no refund policy. I was quite animated as I expressed my displeasure at being cheated when he knew his batteries were faulty, and I went on and on disrupting his business with my complaint. He was ever so calm and watched me until I ran out of steam then he reminded me again of the policy and so I left.

My cause was genuine and I did not get what I paid for, but my behaviour was way out of line in trying to correct the wrong I had faced. Integrity demanded that I should have still remained respectful and in control of my emotions even in the face of a perceived wrong, I could have raised my objections through proper channels, but I did what I felt was expedient hoping I would get my money back quickly.

If we are to live an honest life and one of integrity, we must ask ourselves some tough questions about how we would respond to situations that are designed to bring out the beast in us.