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Looking for a superhero

If only the classic superhero were real, wouldn’t the world be a much better, safer place? You would think so, however, the villains in thier stories are troublesome enough to create enough havoc to keep our superhero’s hands full, thus the result of having the superhero just about balances out with what the villains can do.

In spite of this, we still seek out heroes every day, and people have the tendency to ‘hero worship’. Be it a politician, a royal, an athlete, an actor, a pop icon, an influencer, an intellectual or spiritual sage, etc. we are quick to believe in these unique people that have been born with abilities making them better than us, so we let them be responsible to save our day.

With a few exceptions, the truth is, no matter who they are, they only got there by a lot of hard work and maybe a little luck. These are the very same things that we have access to, hard work, and yes, luck.

I find that most would shy away from what it takes to become the best in thier area, and therefore highlight the achievement of the extraordinary ones, thus deflecting the scrutiny away from thier own unwillingness to take responsibility and churn out similar results.

So, if you are looking for that superhero to save your day, you needn’t look any further than your own self. You are a diamond in the rough, you are the amazing getting ready to happen, you are that super man or wonder woman. This is your mission should you choose to accept it.