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Sometimes we gloss over words so well known to us that we don’t give much thought to their make up. Beware is actually the compounding of two words, ‘Be’ and ”Aware’.

I was listening to a speaker at an event this week and he turned on the light bulbs on this for me. He said, “You have to be aware before you can beware”.

I remember years ago, my dad dropped off my younger sister for her first visit with one of her friends. At the time of pick up, he went through the gates to knock on the door, then out of no where a massive Alsatian dog pounced on him and took a bite of his behind. Someone had forgotten to put up the sign ‘Beware of Dog’, and my sisters hosts also had not mentioned that care should be taken on pick up because of the guard dog. If my dad had been aware, he would not have put himself in a situation to be attacked by those dogs.

Sometimes in life, for whatever reason, we do not get the memo of what to watch out for, or maybe there isn’t even a memo. The onus therefore always lies on us to take the time to improve our awareness. This can prevent us from falling into many unpleasant situations that could be avoided, or it could also make us aware of opportunities waiting to be seized.

Make sure to open your eyes and mind to Be-Aware!