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Don’t sweat the small stuff

I read an excerpt from an article about a well known classical music violinist. She had to practice for a certain number of hours everyday to become a world class player. She noticed that when it was time to practice, the urge to tidy up the house would come up, and when she did, she never got back to practicing.

This went on for a while until she made a decision to practice in an untidy house. That decision made all the difference to the results that she got.

Have you noticed that some of the small routine things we do around the house or at work could actually be a great distraction? Maybe we give attention to them first because they seem easy enough to do, but after we are done, the energy and drive to focus on our main assignment is gone.

Learn not to sweat the small stuff as they will always be there whenever you choose to do them. Focus your time and energy on that which will yield the most value from your efforts.