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Time waits for no one

It is true that time waits for no one and in spite of what happens to you to prevent you from ‘making hay while the sun shines’, time will just keep moving on. When we have a good grasp of the concept of time, it helps us to plan and do all we can, when we can, to become all we are meant to be.

When life happens, as it normally would, we find ourselves struggling with burdens that disconnect us from moving as time moves. It could be a sickness, an injury, the death of a loved one, disappointment, depression, discouragement, natural disasters, a pandemic, and the list could go on. Time never says it understands and waits for you, it just keeps going.

One thing to note however is that time is a measure which has relevance because of people. If humans had no needs or purpose, then time would not be important to us. If we did not need to eat, then the farming seasons and cycles would not be important, or the time it takes to bake a great pie. If there was no purpose to build a just society, then the time to learn communication, leadership or strategy would make no sense.

If for any reason we ever fall out of sync with timing and get left behind, all is not lost, and we must resist the temptation to isolate from others, instead, we should cry out to people around us who will stop for us, care for us, and help us get back into purpose as they support our needs while we hurt.

Time waits for no one, but people do.