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Story to action

There is nothing like the power of a good story to pass on instruction, information and inspiration. The ability to tell compelling stories is the one ingredient that every great communicator has.

I was reminded about this today as my younger son watched the Disney movie Ratatouille. He came to me in the kitchen and insisted on helping me cook some soup. His usual impatience was well concealed as he asked questions about how to make it, and he listened intently as I explained the process. He then helped me stir, smell and savour the soup.

Because he had been part of the process, he sat down for dinner and licked his plate clean. There were no arguments and no left overs. I am now looking for a good story about how to keep your room clean.

Have you had a hard time getting your point across recently, or have your directions lacked the motivation to get your team moving? Maybe you need to spend some time to find and tell a good story to stir the souls of your listeners to action.