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Popular Opinion

Having the masses support you on your actions doesn’t actually validate that what you are doing is right. It might be a case of an ideology that is popular, or that you have attracted the attention of those that think the way you do.

If you take a moment to really consider it, you may realise that there are probably just as many people in the world that oppose your view as there are that agree with you.

What is right is right, and doesn’t need the support of the masses to be true. Sometimes you might have to stick it out alone or with very meagre support, but if you are on the right path, then the truth will in time become too apparent for anyone to ignore. The Wright brothers were not supported, even by thier own father, on thier attempts to make men fly, but they ended up pulling it off.

Popular opinion is transient and it is a dangerous barometer to hinge one’s convictions upon. History is full of examples of those who were popular because of thier ideologies, like Hitler, who ended up being severely wrong in what he sought to accomplish.

Be responsible for your won thoughts and actions and be convinced in yourself that you are doing what is right. Seek counsel in the right places, and not in the face of popular opinion.