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Getting ready

As long as I can remember, I have always seemed to be getting ready for something. In my very early years, my parents were like, “get ready for school”, and if it wasn’t school, it was, “get ready for bed”.

Many years of school went by with several ‘get ready’s’ for exams etc. Formal schooling ended, then it was get ready for a job, get ready for a promotion, get ready for marriage, get ready for a house, get ready for children.

Where does the preparation start, or where does it end? Life seems to be one continuous state of preparation. If we spend so much time preparing, then when do we actually get the time to enjoy what we had been preparing for?

A wise man once said, “he who has a why to live for can almost bear any how”. Have you found your why? 

All the preparation, all the how’s become tedious when we do not have the why. I am choosing to do things differently now by training myself to identify my why. 
I am also going to give my children a good sense of a why so that they can throw their lives into meaningful preparation to live out their own why.

So back to my base as I continue getting ready.