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The line of no return

Effective communication is always a core attribute of any great relationship, business, institution, or even nation. 

There is the story told of a battle that was lost for want of a nail. The nail was needed for the horse shoe which was needed for the horse which was needed by the rider with the message that would have guaranteed victory. Something went wrong with that communication channel and so the result was a great loss. 

Have you come across what I call a communication line of no return? People, businesses or governments have a line that is meant for interaction, but how frustrating it becomes when you speak, call, write or show up at the door and get no response. 

This line of no return is self sabotaging to any of those entities that have them. If you have a communication line, it is meant to be manned, it is meant to respond, it is meant to give audience to the caller, it is meant to interact.

Don’t fall into the trap of being too busy or not being bothered enough to make a return on that line. If so, People will take their business with you elsewhere.

Relationships, businesses, elections and other battles have been lost on the line of no return.

Be alert and be open to ensure that you are taking the right steps to respond when someone initiates communication on any one of your lines.