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All eyes on me

Before most people get to the limelight for what they are skilled at, they are usually hidden in some obscure place unknown to the world for the talent that they possess.

It only seems fair for those with the best abilities to rise to the best places where their talents can serve humanity. We want to see the best doctors serving in the places where their skill touches the most people, we want to hear the best singers, watch the best actors, eat from the best chefs, read from the best writers. There is something about being served by the best that makes us a little better off.

But before the best can have all eyes on them, they need to get that one eye which recognises their ability to get them onto a bigger platform. There are gate keepers to the realms that can take an individual from obscurity to notoriety. Once you catch their eye, you have the best chances to break into the world that they guard.

As you go about developing yourself, honing your skills to be the best you can be, make sure you find out where you are likely to get the eye of the gate keeper. They are looking long, they are looking hard, they are looking for the best but they can’t look everywhere, so make yourself a bit more findable.
Post a video on a platform, go to some competitions, enrol in an academy that develops your talent, talk to a stranger about what you do. 

Before you get to the place where you can say ‘all eyes on me’, you have to pass through the phase where ‘one eye is on me’.