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What you have left

We worry too much about what we have lost and sometimes forget about what we have left. Our ability to rise again is never in what has left us, but in what we have left.

Using a bit of word play makes this concept quite interesting, so follow this train of thought.
1. What has left you, leaves you with what you have left – don’t worry about what has walked out of your life especially if you did all that was your responsibility to make it stay. Things that don’t stick most times are not meant to be in our lives.
2. What you have left, leaves you with what you have left – at other times, we need to make the decision to walk away from certain things that are detrimental to our progress.

In both scenarios, knowing what you have left, and what you do have left are important for you to start the process of building your life better, stronger, and making your latter end much greater than your past.