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What happens the day after?

Most times we are great at planning big events or projects, and in the heat of our preparation, we rarely take time to think about what happens next.

We focus on the wedding, but what happens in the marriage?
We focus on the degree, but what happens for employment?
We focus on getting that new thing, but what happens to maintaining it?
We focus on winning a battle, but what happens after the war?
We focus on a lockdown situation, but what happens when we are let out?

Life is never stationary and we are always in a state that is transitionary, so it never makes sense to be all about achieving one thing at one time without planning for what comes the day after.

Even in the certain eventuality of death, we must still arrange all that we have for the next generation. I am in no way advocating not being present in the moment and in the now to fully participate in it and enjoy it, but as we do so, we must keep the slightest view on what happens the day after.