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Value in unlikely places

Everything has value. That is a radical statement in itself because right now you can probably think of a hundred things you consider totally useless.

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so also is value. What one person considers rubbish and throws away, might be what makes another a fortune. In 2020, the top waste disposal and management firm in the UK had a revenue of £1.5 billion.

When it comes to value, don’t be too quick to discard the exploration of value on what everyone else considers a waste. If you can find what to do with it, you may have opened up a new stream of income for yourself.

If value can be tapped from the most horrible mess, then shouldn’t you feel really confident in yourself even when someone treated you like rubbish? Their eyes may be closed to it, but there is great value in the unlikely place that is you.