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When more is expected

You probably have heard the expression, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” It only makes sense that life expects us to be productive with what we have been given. If you give a seed to the ground, then you expect a plant to grow out of it. In the same way if you instruct a person, then you expect them to produce a desired outcome.

There are many tasks that can be done by different means, for instance you can train an animal to perform certain tasks, like pulling a plough. It will do no more, and it will do no less that you have trained it to do. The same goes for a machine too. However, if that task is given to a human, they can certainly do more. They can do it themselves, or employ others to help them, or harness horses to pull the plough, or create machinery to work faster and more effectively.

It is therefore not out of place to expect much more than you have given, by way of instruction, to any man, woman, boy or girl. We can think, we have imagination, we can produce in divers ways. For this reason, always be ready to deliver much more than is expected of you.