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Going down memory lane

I remembered a poem I wrote quite a few years back and so I went searching for the journal I had written it in. I picked up one of my journals from the year 2000 and could not find the poem. However, I did find lots of notes, questions, and plans I had made at the time.

It’s funny to see that some of my notes and questions from 20 years back still reflect the characteristics of my pursuits in life. I found a few things that I said I wanted to do that I still haven’t done. If only I had reviewed these notes regularly, I would have completed them by now, lol!

Sometimes, the most accurate way to take a trip down memory lane is to dig out diaries, journals, pictures and things we have recorded in one form or another. It helps us to see very clearly where we were and compare that with where we are now.

I am thankful I could find this journal and read my thoughts from way back then. I am thankful that I have come a long way and are generally moving in the direction I wanted to go. I am thankful for the memories I would otherwise have forgotten if I had not written them down.

If you have never kept a journal or a diary, there is immense value in doing so. It’s never too late, start today and capture your thought and moments, who knows what they will be worth to you and others in the next few decades.