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Do you accept it?

Probably one of the greatest gifts one can possess is the ability to accept the hand that you have been dealt in life. When one realises that acceptance does not necessarily mean that you are stuck and can’t do anything about it, only then does it become a viable proposition.

Think about what life gives you like a wad of cash handed to you. You can put it under your pillow and live with it, exactly as it is, for the rest of your life, or you can spend it and get something else with it. Be it positive or negative, what you choose to do with your lot in life will determine how far you will progress.

Maybe you have come to a place of acceptance but are now wondering, “How can I live my best life within my situation?” The simple answer I found to this was to look at other people who have handicaps very similar to mine, but have gone on to flourish in spite of them. Learning from others gives you ideas of how to turn your situations into something more than you have been given.

I therefore accept my life, I accept my strengths, I accept my weaknesses, I accept my family, I accept my spouse, I accept my children, I accept my race, I accept my gender, I accept my nation, I wholly accept my lot in life. It is something that has been given to me that I am able to work with and create enough value to live my best life.