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The ugly duckling

As my son and I walked past a stream this morning, we watched the ducks swim by, and then in the distance ahead, we noticed a large white and majestic bird floating gracefully down the stream. We couldn’t help stopping and staring admiring this beautiful creature.

As we continued our morning stroll I kept pondering on the story of the ugly duckling who turned out to be a beautiful sawn. It made me think about the several areas of my life where I never fit it, or the several times I was not preferred to be part of the group. Maybe the problem was not me, maybe my ugliness and inability to conform was just a sign that I was trying to be something I was not meant to be.

In the early phases of life, business, career etc. there may be very little to differentiate you from others apart from the hidden DNA of purpose that resides in everyone. As you begin to grow, the differences become apparent and for a while it may look ugly to others, but you must have enough confidence in yourself to know that you are special and carry great value. When you ascertain that you don’t belong with the ducks, excuse yourself and go in search of the flock that will nurture you.

Never come to a place of hating yourself or the qualities you have that others find ugly. Those very characteristics may just be indicative of the beautiful swan that is ready to emerge from your life.