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Weakness won’t win

In striving to be a better person we need to learn how to handle personal weaknesses. Some are of the school of thought that believe you must improve your weaknesses and turn them into strength, others believe you must manage your weakness instead and give focus to your strengths.

Whichever way you lean, there is an acknowledgement that something needs to be done about a weakness. This takes a learning process and with all learning, you first get a mental knowledge of the what to do. Just because you know it mentally, doesn’t mean you know it practically.

Too many of us know about anger management, yet we still loose our temper in uncontrollable ways. Does this make you want to give up? If so, remember that learning is a process and you will stumble a few times before you perfect the art.

Mental knowledge of how to handle a weakness must be put into practice, and practice must be put to repetition in order to gain mastery. So whatever your strategy to handle your weakness, keep at it and don’t give up so that your weakness won’t win.