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Somewhere to send anxiety

We all deal with anxious thoughts in one way or another. Some are very good at dealing with it such that you never think they have any type of anxiety, while others are overwhelmed and paralysed by it.

I realise that each and every person is not tempted, afraid of, or anxious about the exact same things. Some are fearful of heights, others love it, and it works the same way in relation to anxieties. When anxious thoughts assail your mind, it is good to find a friend who is not affected by it and talk them through your anxieties. Let them view it with you and maybe offer suggestions of how they deal with such situations. This process most times relieves us of the things we are most anxious about.

Don’t stay stuck with your anxieties, don’t feel trapped by them. There is somewhere you can send them to, the listening ears of another who is not intimidated by them.