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Endure the pressure

It is true that nothing comes easy, and there is a process to make good things happen which usually involves pressure and time.

Diamonds, which are precious and much sought after, are formed after years of pressure in the depths of the earth. It is the combination of pressure and time that brings the beauty of the diamond out of the coal.

When the pressure of family, career, business and anything worthwhile in life shows up, we must endure it. Unlike the diamond, we have a choice to accept the pressure and push through it, or we can decide to walk away from it taking the easy way out.

Let the pressure force out all the undesirable characteristics in you that you possibly were not aware of. As you identify them, work on strategies to get rid of them or manage them effectively. As your best qualities begin to show up, nurture them and give them your best attention and effort to let them take the front seat of your life.

The pressure will show up one way or another, so be ready to harness it and let it bring the best out of you.