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It’s expensive to forget

Just recently I was heading out to work and as usual I would catch the 8:06am train put my bag on the luggage rack over my seat and settle in for my journey. On a normal day, when I arrived at my stop about 40 mins later, I would pick up my bag and head off the train to get to the office just before 9:00am. But something went wrong on this day, I forgot to pick up my bag!

As soon as I realised, I rushed to the staff at the station to see if I could retrieve it. They checked the train schedule and called the next station where the train would stop. Luckily the staff at that station found my bag and kept it for me.

I ended up spending 3 hours in the process to retrieve my bag. That little mind lapse cost me a whole morning.

The price of forgetting little yet important details can be quite high, and trying to retrace your steps to recapture what was lost in the process could prove to be very expensive.
You have to ensure that your mind is not occupied with distractions which cloud your ability to remember. 

What have you forgotten recently? A birthday, an anniversary, a report, a workout, a medical appointment etc.

Put a system in place to ensure that you do not forget the seemingly small yet important things. It may not seem urgent to do so now, but consider this, the expense of forgetting could far outweigh the hassle of having a system to remember.