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You can turn it around

Point of view or paradigm is very personalised and unique to the one who has it. I could say, what you see has the ability to make or break you, but then that statement would be inaccurate, because it’s not ‘what’ you see but ‘how’ you see.

As a young boy, my sister and I were walking down a street in New York and increased our pace leaving our dad behind. As we turned a corner, we saw a lion sitting right on the pavement, we immediately turned around and ran back to our dad shouting lion, lion. He calmed us down and when we came to the corner reluctantly, what we thought was a lion was actually a big dog with lots of hair around it head.
It was not actually what we saw that scared us, but how we saw it. How many times have we fled from situation or challenges, opportunities or open doors, never to revisit them again because of how we saw it?

I love this quote that says “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”. We must practice challenging our paradigms and points of view to adjust how we are truly seeing things. If you pull your little finger close enough to your eye, it will cover the mountain that stands somewhere on your horizons.

If you have said “I can’t” where someone else has said “I did”, then it falls on you to find out how they saw it. Adopting a new perspective will go a long way in enabling you to turn around situations that you previously thought impossible.