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No one, now one

When no one can do something, we usually brand that thing as impossible. No one could fly and everyone agreed it was impossible until the Wright brothers did it successfully.

It went from a case of no one to now one. And that’s all we need, once one person is able to do it, then the rest will follow.

It was thought impossible to run a mile under 4 minutes. No one had done it, until Roger Banister did on May 6th, 1954, now one had done it, then the rest followed. The same was the case for running a 100 meters sub 10 seconds, no one had done it until Jim Hines did in April 1963, now one had done it others followed. As at today, over 145 men have run 100m under 10 seconds.

What does it take to be the one that will do it? Is there something that has been thought impossible in your family, among your peers, in your field of expertise, in your community or nation? All it takes is the belief that one can do it, and maybe that one is you.

We must keep challenging impossibilities by continually asking ourselves why. I guess the ‘Why’ is the ‘W’ that takes us from a place where no one can do it to the arena where noW one has done it!