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I have two eyes

Growing up in the 80’s was fun, especially when it came to time for treats. Parents back then in Lagos, Nigeria would always try to teach us children the discipline of delayed gratification, so when they brought out the sweets and said you can only have one, we would ask why? They would say because you only have one mouth. I am not sure who started it, but the children would reply, but I have two eyes!

The quest or desire for more is always based on what one can see. It’s funny the children never said I have two hands therefore I can handle more, or I have two ears or two feet.
Dreaming for something greater is never limited to any current ability you may have. As long as you can see it, then you can desire it.

Having two eyes can be a blessing or a curse. A blessing if we use it to aspire to a future that is better for us while adding value to others in the process. A curse if it is a covetous eye that wants everything others have to the detriment of everyone it comes in contact with.

I believe there is enough for every eye to see, limitless horizons for every heart to dream, infinite worlds for every mind to imagine. Understanding this helps you to realise the excitement that awaits you in life, so, when opportunities come to place something in your hand, you can blurt out like a little child, “I have two eyes”.