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Are you speaking right?

Conversations are powerful tools that are used to convince, convict, command, influence, reveal, express, etc. They can make or break. Every important aspect of our lives will be decided as a result of a conversation. 

A proposal for a relationship is a conversation. Buying and selling is done through conversation. An interview is a conversation. Carrying out our daily work tasks is punctuated by conversation. Deals are sealed in a conversation. Prayer is a conversation. 

Conversations are too important for one to mess about with. You have to hold a conversation until you are able to get to your desired aim. An older friend of mine who gets quite comical in sharing his unique perspectives on things once pointed out to me someone he reckoned had “diarrhoea of the mouth and constipation of ideas”. 

No one wants to be in the company of one such person that babbles on aimlessly for hours, but on the other extreme though, it is tough trying to speak to someone who won’t give much of a response in a conversation.

Conversation must be held at the appropriate level with the appropriate people. It is one of the great arts most people assume that an individual possesses naturally or that one lacks instinctively, however, the ability to do it right can be learned and practised until the student becomes a master at it. 

I have learnt the importance and power of being able to hold the right conversation, but also to fold up the wrong ones. The tongue is a powerful thing and the one that uses it right in conversation will be formidable in their endeavours. 

You may be one conversation away from your biggest breakthrough. Learn how to communicate properly and speak out your refined contemplation. Who knows what the next conversation you hold will bring. 

Hold on to observation, contemplation and conversation.