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The recommendation

Being good at what you do will get you noticed, but being great at what you do will get you attention. The question is what do you do with that attention?
There is a very important ingredient that takes a great craftsman from notoriety to prominence, and that is the skill of getting recommendations from the right people.

It’s not enough to be good or great at what you do. You need someone to point you out. If you produce quality at a level fit for kings, then the onus lies on you to make it available in the circle of kings. Your skill will get you to at least one person who has the ears of the king. One king will get you into the circle of kings.

My business mentor advised me as follows, “Whenever you have spoken with a client or someone who is impressed by your offering, always ask them, “Who else do you know that I need to be talking to?””

I can’t tell you how powerful that singular question is in getting you into the circles where your service is meant for. Don’t only focus on what you do, spend some time to hone the skill of getting the recommendation.