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The exclusive club

As a child, I remember going to the Country Club Ikeja, in Lagos, Nigeria. The one place that stood out for me was the room which only certain members were allowed into. Anytime the door opened, I would always try to peek to catch a glimpse of what was in there. The waft of cold air coming from the air-conditioning system was always a delight to enjoy for a few seconds in the sweltering heat on a tropical summers day.

I learnt from then the existence of exclusive clubs which only allowed VIP’s to access them. These type of clubs need to offer the best and most unique services in order to attract and keep their clientele.

No matter how good a club, if it has no members, there would be little value attributed to it. Conversely, if every Tom, Dick and Harry were all over the place, it would similarly hold no value to be exclusive.

Thinking about it, we all as individuals are an exclusive club. You are filled with so much value and potential that is hard for anyone to perceive at face value. But as valuable and exclusive as you are, you need the patronage of other people, who will discover the value you add, and whose presence in your life will ultimately enhance your value. No man is an Island, as the saying goes, and one is too small a number to achieve anything of real significance.

It is also important that as an exclusive club, you are not the play ground of everyone that comes your way. You need to shut the door to stuff that would mess you up and tamper with your value. Shut out the negative, doubt, greed, hate and all vices that come in human form to devalue you.

Think about yourself in this new light and be grateful for having first rights to you. Then, appreciate the VIP’s that have added value to you, and shut the door to the crowd that come to thrash your value.