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I don’t know anyone who did

It is very interesting how we interpret the world through the ideologies of our circles. In a country of say 300 million people, you would hear someone say with regards to some sort of a voting process like on a TV shows, community or national election, “How could that candidate win? I don’t know anyone who voted for him.”

I guess the real question is, how many people do you really know? Let’s say you know a really large amount of people like a thousand of them, compared to the millions in your country, or the billions in the world, the amount of people you know is really insignificant.

So, what you know or what your group knows will always be a perspective which will differ from what other groups know. So the next time you are about to go into a frenzy about an outcome that did not go your way based on the fact that everyone you know thinks it should have, stop and think again.