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Always a way out

No matter how bad a situation looks, there is always a way out. The reason why we get stuck or view problems to be insurmountable is because we do not know how to solve them.

My 5 year old son would often cry and say I can’t do it, its not working. I always tell him, instead of crying, why don’t you ask Daddy or Mummy for help. We then look at his problem and I teach him how to solve it.

Our minds associate not being able to do it with no way out, or impossible. That is never the case, for our struggle really is we just don’t know how. Having said that, there is somebody somewhere who has a solution for anything we face, so why not call for help from them.

Never let your mind accept that there is no way out, rather train yourself to ask how can I get out of this, or who can I call that knows how to get out of this.