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That’s what friends are for

The words of the 1985 hit song performed by Dionne Warwick Never rang so true. The many qualities and benefits of a good friend cannot be over stated.
Having a friend that you can depend on who will be there through all the chequered seasons of your life is invaluable.

We all have at least one friend like that somewhere. You may have lost touch, you may have neglected the relationship or have not been investing in your friendship as much as you know you should.

Pick up the phone, send a text, take a trip and contact your friend and just say Thank you!
Make a decision today to rekindle that friendship wherever it may be faltering, or to make it even stronger where it has been okay.

And finally, as much as you love having someone there for you, you go out there and with all your might, be there for someone too. After all, that’s what friends are for.