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Bite your tongue

What is the best way to deal with what you perceive to be a provocation against you? Some people may say things or act in ways that tend to wind us up and get on our last nerve, so how do we deal with that?

Have you ever considered that the problem might be you? Over the lock down period, I have had a few outbursts against family, and I noticed it was getting more and more regular. After giving myself candid advice on the toxicity of such outbursts to the health of my family, I had to ask, are they becoming more annoying or is the problem with me?

I have realised that when my mind and emotions are in a very good place, it is almost impossible for anyone or any situation to wind me up. But when I start getting tired, anxious, worried, depressed and so on, I tend to snap at the drop of a pin. No one is super, and we will drop the ball from time to time, so as a plan B, I have learnt to bite my tongue.

If you are weak in your emotions to deal with with the situations that wind you up, then put your mouth on lock down to prevent those overwhelming emotions from spewing out. Walk away from the situation, take a time or sleep over it. I have found that when I have employed this strategy, more often than not, the person I thought was winding me up was actually just misunderstood by me.

Try biting your tongue when next you feel like letting is all go and see if there will not be a better resolution to those scenarios that have irritated you.