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They say gratitude is a great attitude to have. I used to wonder how being grateful made anything better. Until I got caught up in the pace of life and the desire to get to a better place.

I found out that people are so busy seeking, working and moving to a so called better place that they never stop to enjoy where they are now. I was speaking with a close friend the other day and we reminisced about our time working together over a decade ago. We had struggles, we needed more in our pockets and our position then was not great. Yet we looked with fondness on the time we had together and the experiences we shared.

We are both now in a place many times better off, and still aspire for more, but the temptation to not enjoy where we are now seems even greater than when we did not have much.

The prism of gratitude puts it all in perspective and lets one see progress from the past, provision in the present and purpose for the future. With such a view one can truly be thankful for everything and extract the maximum enjoyment from living life in the now. It seems a little thing, but being grateful unlocks the great things.