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Rock, paper, scissors, God

I was driving my son home from tennis today and he was playing the game Rock, Paper, Scissors with his friend. The objective of the game is to defeat your opponent by selecting a weapon that defeats their choice under the following rules: Rock smashes Scissors, so Rock wins. Scissors cut Paper, so Scissors win. Paper covers Rock, so Paper wins. If players choose the same weapon, neither win and the game is played again. Both players call out thier weapon at the same time, and then the winner is picked based on thier weapon.

For some reason they decided to make it Rock, Volcano and God. They identified that volcano can destroy Rock, but is not strong enough to destroy God. So as they played the game guess what they each shouted out as thier answer?

It struck me that these children realised that if they had something in thier arsenal that could make them triumph over every opposition, they would use it every single time.

Gleaning from the wisdom of these kids, it made me wonder, would I always bring out my trump card when faced with obstacles from day to day? Would I always call on the strengths I have proven time and again to give me the edge, or would I just do whatever came to my mind in that moment?

The next time you get into your own little life game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, remember to bring out the weapon that is able to give you the advantage over the challenges you face.