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Truth without challenge

Sometimes we erroneously believe that if something is the truth, it will be so convincing that there will be no argument we can find against it and it will just resonate with what we are thinking.

The reality however is that whatever resonates with us and we accept without a challenge are things that we already fundamentally believe. Truth is not the truth because it sits well with us, but because it is a fact or reality that is well established.

If you have conservative beliefs, you will most likely doubt any truth that a liberal brings to you. Same applies when it comes to arguments about racism, sexism or social status, you will not challenge what you consciously or subconsciously believe, and that does not make it truth. No matter what your belief or persuasion, there are always things that you hold onto that are not true, and when they are exposed and brought to your attention, there will be a resistance and challenge in your mind against the truth being shared.

Psychologists teach us that when we are navigating change, the mind starts in a place of comfort where it only acknowledges what it believes and discards everything else. When the mind progresses to reason, it considers other arguments foreign to it and also discards them. However on a third level, when the mind is confronted with new information, it becomes conflicted and there is an internal battle between what we already know and the information we are considering. It is only at this point that we are willing to change and willing to accept something as truth.

This leads me to conclude that the truth will only remain unchallenged in the mind of someone that had already accepted that truth at an earlier point. Otherwise if you have no challenge to this ‘new’ information being shared, then chances are you already fundamentally believe it.