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Cultivate winning actions

Who do you want to be? What are you trying to achieve? Where are you attempting to get to? Who would you love to be with? What must you have? You can’t desire to be the world’s marathon champion and only run half a mile every other day after lunch. Your action right there just informed me of your priority. 

It is by action that one proves their interest in a thing. Do you want to hold on to that relationship, job, physique, promotion, property, access, or membership? Then, there is something that you must start or continue to do to maintain or attain it. Once you set the priority by your consistent actions, chances are you will succeed. 

It is consistent action in any field that guarantees sure results. The only instance in which a first time participant could be a winner is in the lottery (and such likes), and the chances of winning are 1 in possibly 100 million (depending on how many others are participating). 

Your action in your chosen endeavour however can make you a master at it and even though there are about 6 billion people on the planet, you are guaranteed a better outcome from action than if you played the lottery. 

At reproduction, you were one sperm cell among possibly 40-500 million all aiming to fertilize a single ovum. However, your action of swimming towards the goal without giving up set you apart from so many others, and here you are today. 

Know this, your action reduces the odds of the number of people that are able to compete against you in any area you have chosen to focus. After a while, it refines you remarkably bringing out your very best until the only competition left will be with yourself. This is where you become the one to reference in your area of enterprise and beyond. 

I want to cultivate my set of actions that distinguish me from the rest and make me the best I was born to be. I want to hold on to actions that refine me, define me and confine me to greatness! 

Hold on to observation, contemplation, conversation, relation and action