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The gathering

The Christmas holidays are usually much anticipated for many reasons. Apart from the presents and time off school, it’s amazing how excited my children get about spending the day with   grand parents, cousins, uncles and aunties.

 I was on a crowded train the other day and someone was trying to squeeze in where there was practically no space, a voice from the middle of the carriage called out and said, ‘common let’s all squeeze in, it’s Christmas’, we all laughed and shifted together as much as we could. That scenario would have been very different at the middle of the year.

There is something about a gathering that humans love and it is rather unnatural not wanting to be a part of it.  However, most of the year we have a guard up whenever we approach the gathering. What are we afraid of when we get there? Whatever inhibitions we have are probably shared by most.

Why is it that we let our guards down and embrace the gathering at special occasions like Christmas and not as often as we can? 

Wonderful things happen when we allow ourselves to embrace the gathering. I am sure you can tell some great stories of how much you gained from being open at such an occasion.

Take the opportunity to note what makes you tick in the gathering this season and task yourself to apply it as much as possible to the frequent huddles you are faced with all year round.