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Work with the waves

Sometimes we have to work against the status quo in order to establish innovative pathways for doing things, but at other times we have to go with the flow of what is already established in order to get ahead of the exigencies of life.

The world we live in and nature all around us teach a key lesson through cycles of time like days, months, years and seasons. Consider the rhythmic movement of the waves in the ocean. A wise surfer knows that if they want to surf across the sea, then they need to work with the waves and not against it.

They have a surf board which can be used to paddle across the face of the water, on their own effort, to keep moving. However, if they want to move far and fast with minimal effort exerted, then they need to hook up with a wave which will show up according to its cyclical nature.

We have a board in life that at worst keeps us afloat, but that thing in your hand can do so much more if you connect with the waves of planning, or time management, or leadership, or relationships, or integrity, or knowledge, etc.

Don’t work against the waves you find in life, instead be patient to wait for them, catch them, and ride them to a place of much fulfilment.