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Something to think about

“I will give you something to think about!” I remember hearing this threat when my parents were about to go into discipline mode. I honestly didn’t want anything to think about at that time.

Having something to think about however is by no means a negative thing or an overhyped threat. Truth is, if you haven’t had something to think about in the last few days, you need to ask yourself if you are really growing.

If where you have hung out in the last week has not thrown up something as food for thought, then you are probably hanging around the wrong places. If your work, friends, family, books you read, programmes you watch etc are not challenging you, then you may need to make some necessary adjustments. Your world will never get bigger than the size of your thinking ability and your thinking ability will never get bigger than the thoughts that have challenged it.

I heard a well known author say, forget about the concept of mental block, you have something to say daily, so you can write something daily. Those words blew my mind and changed my thinking. It’s been months since I heard him, and it’s also been months since I have written something everyday without fail.

I would probably be stuck with a mental block right now if I did not get something to think about. Where have you been stuck? Unstuck yourself by going after something to think about.