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Feedback and new opportunities

Whenever you have the chance to, always make sure to seek feedback whether it is on a product or service you are responsible to sell, or something more personal like your style of work or attitude.

Sometimes, feedback is equal to new opportunities. In the process of developing a fashion accessory I was working on, I was reminded of the power of feedback. I had a functional product, but it was not aesthetically pleasing. Seeking feedback from professional clothiers and product designers, we were able to come up with a functional product that was cheaper to manufacture but also very attractive. Further consultation also led to the development of new product ideas. (See product here).

All this would never have come about without honestly asking and listening to what others really thought of my initial ideas.

If you feel stuck and are in need of fresh ideas or looking for new opportunities, then spend some time systematically collecting feedback on all areas of your life and work. You never know what breakthrough is around the corner of your next feedback.