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The silent engine

Engines power things and make them work the way they should. Man has been able to move from mechanical to electrical and now electronic engines. The evolution of engines has seen each one deliver to us more power to accomplish things that their predecessors could not.
The more power these technologies contain, the less silent they seem to run.

To get the best out of our engines, we need to maintain and service them when they are not running optimally. The way an engine sounds is usually a good indication that it might need attention, but it is more difficult to detect a problem this way for the more silent engines.

There is an engine in man – the brain and mind – which probably is the most powerful engine that humans possess. With this, we have been able to create all other engines to work for us. They run ever so silently and there is a huge tendency to neglect their maintenance.

Zig Zglar once said, “We all need a daily checkup from the neck up to avoid stinking’ think’…”
With an engine so powerful that can churn out results which aid or hinder our lives, we have a responsibility to keep it working the way it should.
Let us do all it takes to maintain our mental health and never again neglect the silent engine.