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Lock down

Lock down is a reality staring us in the face right now. This has been used as an effective way to slow the spread of the deadly infections in past centuries and decades. The Black Plague of the 14th century and the Spanish flu in 1918 are case in points.

So what can one do in the event of a lock down? Preparation is everything and having a plan to go through it is crucial.

  • Follow the public health advice widely available
  • Get all your essential food and household supplies
  • Have a time table to follow a daily routine
  • Be sure to exercise and get some fresh air
  • If you have children, develop a daily routine that covers exercise, learning and fun activities
  • Avoid binge eating and binge watching of TV or social media
  • Call up friends and family
  • Look out for your neighbours
  • Be positive and optimistic and take care of your mental health
  • Think and dream of new ways to be productive
  • There are enough jokes being shared on social media, so do laugh a lot.
  • Be thankful for life and take each day as it comes because where there is life there is hope.

I am sure there are many more things that you could do to get through this. Don’t wait for the lock down before you have a plan. Talk to family and friends, get good information and advice, then craft a workable plan for yourself and family.

If you have any more great advice on beneficial things to do in a lock down, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.