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Melting monuments

The ancient Greeks and Romans loved their sculptures, and those who attained prominence would seek out expert sculptors to create masterpieces for them. As wealth and affluence increased, the demand for these tradesmen skyrocketed. This gave rise to crafty sculptors who wanted to cash in on the trade. Because they were not so skilled at their work, they started using wax to give their work the smooth finish that only an experts work could achieve. The problem with that was when the sun came out and heated up the statues, the wax would melt exposing all the flaws of their shoddy job.

The bona fide artisans began to put up signs that said “sine cera” which means without wax, and this was to provide assurances to their clientele that their work was authentic and they did not need to worry about wax melting off their monuments. There are many variations of this story which some say tells how we got the word sincere.

The value of sincerity, honesty and integrity can never be overestimated. No matter how much we put on an act to look like what we are not, when the real tests come, all the wax we have filled in to avoid the hard work of becoming a person of value, melts away and who we truly are is exposed.

Get rid of all the wax as you slowly, steadily and sincerely work on the monuments that make up a great life.